Q: What is this thing you call "BETA LAUNCH"?

A: The BETA LAUNCH is like a soft opening. We're very excited to get our subscription box out there to cheese lovers all over the world but first we want to make sure we get the experience right. You will get to help us build this business with feedback and surveys--and you'll get little gifts occasionally and good cheese karma.

Q: When are you launching?

A: VERY VERY VERY soon. If you fill out the survey, you will find out 24 hours prior to subscriptions going on sale. We're just putting the final details on things and getting our cute little ducks in a row. 

Q: What is a subscription box?

A: All subscription boxes are different. Some provide you with razors on a regular basis, some let you try new make up and some deliver ingredients to your door for cooking. Curdbox is first and foremost, a delightful cheese + pairing encounter-in-a-box. You will pick up a new box every month. Each box will have a new and exciting story which our team works carefully to curate.

Q: What comes in curdbox?

A: Take a look here for a full list!

Q: Will you send the box to me?

A: At this time we are doing pick up only from our store at 288 Washington Street, Brookline, MA for our Beta Launch--it's kind of like a farm share. (Pick up is the third Wednesday of the Month thru the following Saturday) Shipping perishable food is tricky and we want to do it right! We do plan on shipping by the end of the year! 

Q: How do I know when to pick up the box?

A: The magic of the internets! No, really we'll send you an email alert that the day is getting close and a reminder when it's ready. Pick up will be the third Wednesday of the month through the following Sunday. 

Q: What if I can't pick up one of my boxes?

A: You can definitely let us know if you'd like to send someone else to pick it up for you. If you are going to be gone on a long vacation you can either have someone pick it up and hold it for you (or gift it to them because they're watching you house! How nice of you!), or you can simply sign in to your account and skip a month. 

Q: Can I buy more of what's in the box?

A: At this time we will likely have small amounts of some of the products from the current curbox available in the store. When it's gone, it's gone! If we have enough requests, we will start offering more follow-up purchase opportunities so be sure to let us know. But mostly we will be using the boxes to bring cheese stories together that you can't put together anywhere else.

Q: What if I become deathly allergic to cheese and need to cancel?

A: Cancel anytime. We'll miss you but we totally understand. If you loved it but just can't keep subscribing, be sure to post a review for us, tag us in social media or tell a friend and keep the cheese love flowing. Go to your account before the 23rd of the month to cancel for the upcoming curdbox.

Q: What if I don't live near by, are you ever going to ship?

A: Yes! Add your name to the waitlist on the bottom of any page on this site. We will be releasing spots likely based on location (starting with New England and moving outward). People on the list will always be invited first. We love loyal and patient customers and we reward accordingly! If we could get you all cheese right this moment, we would!

Q: Will you offer gift subscriptions and one-time special editions? 

A: Yes! Once we start shipping (and maybe before) we will offer gift boxes. You can order one, or three months. The price is slightly higher than our subscription because it includes a extra special little gift and message. We will also be occasionally offering special editions which will be offered to our subscribers first and then our store customers (and then the general public if there are any left--we doubt it!)

Q: I have food allergies can you accommodate them?

A: Oh man, we're so sorry about that. At this point we can't accommodate any food restrictions but we are hopeful that we will scale enough to make an allergy free box (minus dairy of course) because everyone should get to eat cheese. Our boxes will occasionally have nuts, gluten, meat, and other allergens in them. But never so much that you can't just share that item with an non-allergic cheese lovin' friend.