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our cheese, your place

For the foodie that loves eating delicious cheese and discovering unique pairings, but doesn't want to spend a fortune or waste time gathering it all together. 

Welcome to curdbox.

Get a scrumptiously curated, totally unique cheese plate-in-a-box experience for $49.95/month


The Cheese Plate for the Rest of us!

curdboxFLEX is finally here, the first ever gourmet cheese and pairing subscription that is gluten-free, nut-free and vegetarian.

Try curdboxFLEX now!

what's inside

3 artisan cheeses (~.75lbs)

3 specialty food pairings

Spotify playlist

Curdcast podcast 

In-depth blog post

(Feeds 2 for dinner or 6-8 for nibbling)
Travel the world, experience special small batch foods and
stretch your cheese knowledge through a totally unique theme every month.

cancel or skip a month anytime

“If I had to, I could give up any food...except cheese.“

amy c.

“My friends think I'm so much more knowledgable about cheese than I really am.“


“I love that I get to try new cheese each month.“

sam r.


Michele Ragussis - Chef & Food Network Star