What's Inside

Each curdbox is a special collection of cheeses and pairings that tell a story. We search the world over looking for delicious cheeses and interesting pairings, and we're all about discovering new favorites.

May 2020 Salted Chocolate curdbox

Every curdbox is an unboxing experience that starts with 3 cheeses and 3 pairings. We include a card with more information about each box, as well as a letter from our creators about the inspiration for the box.

To make the experience complete, we create a Spotify playlist specifically for each collection which was curated by @cheeseplatemixtape. The curdbox card in your box provide you with the details of your cheese and pairings. You will also find a link to a special Curdcast podcast episode and a full blog post that take a deep dive into each component of the box! Check out all of our past boxes in our Archives.

The curdbox subscription is $49.95 monthly + shipping

We look forward to sharing new cheese plates with you month after month!

For more information, visit our FAQ page or email us at hello@curdbox.com.