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July’s Curdbox is summery box of cheese and fruit that I enjoyed with three amazing spontaneously fermented beers from Embrace the Funk.
Fourmage is a soft and creamy Gouda-style Dutch cheese made with a 4-way blend of cow, sheep, goat and buffalo milk. This award winning cheese paired especially well with Trinity Fruit Company’s Sweetheart dried pomegranate seeds.

Pictured center is Isigny Ste-Mère Young Mimolette, a versatile nutty-sweet cheese with medium body. I paired this with the naturally decadent Maui Fruit passion fruit jellies.

Smoked Idiázabal was my favorite cheese of this selection, a Spanish sheep’s milk cheese with a mature, buttery flavor. I paired this with Life’s Grape chocolate-dipped vine-dried grapes for a “wine, chocolate and cheese” effect.

Twelve Sixteen and Ciel Natal are both lambic-style beers brewed in the Yazoo coolship. The former is a blend of 2012 and 2016 brews aged in oak, creating a dry, complex ale; the latter is a younger beer aged in Cabernet Sauvignon oak casks for a sweeter flavor. Finally, A Pale Green Horse was brewed in Nashville by Brandon Jones from Embrace the Funk and Jeff Stuffings from Jester King Brewery after making the beer together twice previously in Austin, TX. This Kviek IPA was also brewed in the coolship, featuring big citrus and melon notes from Strata, Citra, Galaxy and Mosaic hops. All three beers paired equally well the cheese board, giving a range of complementary tastes.

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