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Curdbox is our monthly cheese + pairing subscription service. Want to join our merry band of cheese lovers? Head on over to our subscription page to sign up for your monthly box!

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Starting a subscription box is no small feat. There are so many moving parts to manage and adding the complication of perishable food and having to make decisions between scrumptious options--you can get almost immobilized by the possibilities.

But it's all worth it--and then some!

THE day is right around the corner. We secretly have it on our calendars but we don't dare share and jinx it. The day the boxes came was a bit surreal as they came a day earlier than we expected. We were surprised and a little unprepared for a pallet of cardboard bearing our name to come through the door. The staff was so excited that they immediately started folding boxes to prep for our first month.

The management team has been whittling down the list of themes and possibilities for months now and we've finally decided on a collection of really fantastic products for our first box. Now we just need to spread the word that the website is up. We have a long list of fans that have been waiting for this day for over 9 months (like expecting a baby), and we have new people interested in it every day. 

Sadly, there will only be 100 PICK UP ONLY subscriptions available for our Beta Launch. If all 100 are taken, your name will be put on a waitlist. We will occasionally reach out to the list to fill any spots that open but for most of the rest of 2018, the only way to get a box will be to be one of the first to sign up. 

To get the best chance of getting a box, you just need to fill out the survey on the home page of our site curdbox.com. EVERYONE who fills that out will get insider email updates including the magic 24 hour alert email with the time we will open up the subscription! I mean, don't we always need a little more excitement in our lives?

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