Pickles Make it Better

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Taleggio bit

We love a good pickle here at curdbox. Cheese loves a good pickle. So do burgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches. Even fish loves a chopped pickle in some tartar sauce. 

But sadly, some people don't like pickles. And you know what? That's ok. That just means more pickles for the rest of us. I'm always happy to take your pickles off your sandwich and put them on mine. We can be symbiotic like that. But I digress...

The pickle. Why is it so darn good with cheese and how can we enjoy them beyond scarfing down a jar of cornichon with our Comté?

Let's not get too scientific here and keep it simple. Pickles are sharp, salty and perfectly pungent. Cheese is rich, fatty, mouth-coating and sometimes meaty.

Now, look at some of the basic guidelines of pairings:

  • "Like things" like to hang out together
  • Opposites attract
  • Don't overpower your pairing

Starting with "like things" you can see how a salt bomb pickle and a salty cheese are going to love hanging out in a pickle-cheese romance.

Next let's consider the ye olde "opposites attract" adage. If cheese is rich and fatty, it's perfectly open to being paired with something crisp and cleansing like a pickle. It's like they're practically made for each other.

And lastly before we all go twist open some jars of pickled wonders, consider the strength of your pairings. Look especially at the pairing in the picture above.

This bite starts with something worthy of having something stacked on it—we're talking Effie's Ryecakes not some flimsy water cracker (which are good for other things!) These babies are thick and full-flavored with a hint of sweet and a touch of savory rye.

Next we layer a luscious slab of Taleggio. This Italian washed rind cheese is meaty and a little funky. It holds it's own on this Ryecake and is a welcome platform for julienned salami (choose your fave) and then a confetti portion of chopped dills.

This bite makes meat lovers, deli lovers and pickle lovers happy. And, you can deconstruct this bite into its own platter. No one says you have to construct it just like this. Ask your monger for the best washed rind in their case at the moment (there is always one that is singing to be eaten), then add some Ryecakes, or some slices of rye bagel or even pumpernickel pretzels. Chop up a salami chub or grab some slices from your monger and add to the platter with your favorite pickles.

If you're feeling fancy add some mustard. It will totally stand up to this power platter. Make it a meal with a few hard boiled eggs cut in half sprinkled with a smoked salt. No need to turn on the oven tonight and your dinner partner will think you're a genius. 

Now it's your turn... how do you pickle?

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