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This month, we embark on a flavorful journey to explore some irresistible cheeses that have the perfect a hint of sweet but a whole lot of sass. So, prepare your taste buds for some cheeses that either dance harmoniously with delightful notes of sweetness or confidently strut their stuff alongside their sweet companions. From bright, smooth, and creamy to dark, sweet, and fruity, we will indulge in a symphony of flavors that are sure to tantalize even the most discerning of palates. 

So, let’s take a look at this month’s box...

Fromager d'Affinois from Fromagerie Guilloteau

The Rhône-Alpes region of southeastern France is known for its mountainous, green landscape and delicious cheeses, and this double-cream, soft-ripened delight from Fromagerie Guilloteau is no exception. Using an innovative method created by their founder that disperses the milk proteins evenly throughout the paste, the result is a particularly smooth, decadently-rich texture that is loaded with silky fats in each bite, while bursting with the taste of earthy, fresh butter, and sweet vanilla. So if you're in the mood for something French, fancy, and consistently delicious, this is the one for you.

The Fromage d'Affinois by Fromagerie Guilloteau with the Spanish Pesetas from Mitica

Foenegreek Gouda by Marieke Gouda

The creation of Wisconsin’s Marieke Gouda Co. is a result of Marieke and Rolf Penterman’s shared passion for dairy farming and handmade cheeses. This dynamic duo moved from the Netherlands to Wisconsin in 2002 to pursue their dream of starting their own dairy farm in America. However, one thing they found that they couldn’t leave behind, was their love for the cheese of their home country. So, using only the freshest cow's milk from their new family farm, they decided to make their own. Their dedication and hard work were rewarded, when just four months after Marieke crafted her first batch of Gouda, she captured a gold award at the US Champion Cheese Contest in 2007. The final product is a delicious blend of a traditional Gouda with nutty notes and a touch of maple syrup from the unique addition of foenegreek seeds, as well as a creamy and supple texture that seamlessly complements those flavors.

The Foenegreek Gouda by Marieke and the Black Fig Spread by Can Bech

Prairie Breeze by Milton Creamery

In some ways, Prairie Breeze is a quintessentially American cheese—because it started out in a traditional, time-honored fashion, and then got an innovative modern twist to make it something new. To be more specific: Prairie Breeze starts its life as a typical English cheddar, but then then gets a special dose of bacterial culture that adds a touch of natural sweetness, and also get those little crystal crunchies that are usually more common in an aged Gouda. A true American innovation.

Prairie Breeze from Milton Creamery and the Dutch Windmill Speculaas from Dutch Bakery

And here are the pairing items that go along with these amazing cheeses…

Dutch Windmill Speculaas Cookies by Dutch Bakery

Dutch Bakery brings us the timeless delight of Speculaas, the Dutch spiced cookies crafted from a cherished centuries-old recipe. These genuine treats, adorned with iconic windmills, captivate both the eye and the palate. With a delicate crunch and a medley of cinnamon, nutmeg, and a hint of clove, each bite envelops you in a warm embrace of tradition and flavor. Unlike their Belgian counterpart Speculoos, Speculaas boasts a rich blend of spices, making them a beloved holiday classic now enjoyed year-round. Whether savoring the nostalgia of cultural heritage or simply delighting in their comforting taste, Speculaas cookies offer a taste sensation that embraces tradition and transcends time.

Pesetas (Spanish chocolate, fig, and almond disks) by Mitica

Introducing the delectable Pesetas — the exquisite bite-sized treats meticulously crafted by the Vallés brothers for Mitica, that capture the essence of Valencia's finest fruits and flavors. The perfect balance of soft, juicy dates, crunchy almonds, succulent figs, and dark chocolate create an unexpected yet delightful snack sensation. Handmade with care and without additives or preservatives, Pesetas offer a guilt-free indulgence suitable for any occasion. Whether paired with cheese, savored as dessert, or enjoyed as mid-day treat, these Spanish delights promise a taste of pure bliss.

Black Fig Spread with Macadamias and Allspice by
Can Bech

Crafted with care, this exquisite Spanish preserve captures the lusciousness of ripe figs, delicately sweetened to perfection and adorned with a whisper of roasted macadamia nuts and a tantalizing hint of Jamaican allspice. Rather than merely coexisting, these diverse flavors meld harmoniously, creating a symphony for the senses. Nestled in the northern reaches of Catalonia, Spain, lies a realm steeped in artistic inspiration, culinary prowess, and natural beauty—the very heart of Can Bech's creative process. Here, amidst the fertile landscape, fruits are plucked at the peak of ripeness, guided by the rhythm of the seasons. Following age-old traditions, each fruit is lovingly cooked in small batches, unlocking a dance of nuanced flavors and textures. With each bite, a delicate balance unfolds, inviting the palate on a journey of discovery and delight.



 And with that- we wrap up this month’s box.

So always remember to keep it sassy, keep it sweet, and whenever possible—let your cheesy-side shine! 

We’ll see you next month.


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