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Celebrating with that cool guy who taught you how to ride a bike should be fun.

Wondering what to do for Father's Day this year? Read on to see some fun ideas we've pulled together for you.  Whether you're near or far from dad, old or young, we have an idea for you to make Father's Day 2020 just as special as our dads are!



Build an inside getaway for a day

Families with little ones and dads who are good sports

Spending special time with dad can make this day just as memorable for pops as it is for junior. Remember the whole process of building the day can be part of the activity. While dad is getting ready for the day, sneak into the living room or family room or even the backyard and build a secret fort of chairs and blankets, pillows and fairy lights. Use couch cushions for a soft floor and your tallest chairs to hold up the blankets or sheets. Going outside? use a beach umbrella as a middle tent stake and lawn furniture around the outstide to hold up picnic blankets or table cloths. If it's windy, make sure to use some stones or binder clips to hold your tent in place.

Older kids can also draw a secret map to the fort and plan out the construction.


  1. a good spot
  2. furniture that's movable
  3. blankets or sheets
  4. fairy lights
  5. games
  6. pillows and cushions
  7. snacks
  8. books
  9. flashlight for night time

  1. find a good spot
  2. place furniture around like tent poles
  3. cover the furniture with blankets or sheets
  4. add fairy lights 
  5. add pillows and cushions
  6. Enjoy! read, play games, tell stories and snack!



Make dad the ultimate Bake-off Judge

Families with tweens and teens and Dads who like baked goods

Dad won't know what hit him when you welcome him into the kitchen to be the official taste tester and award giver. Dad can pick the ingredients a la "chopped", decide on the challenge (like square cookies) or the contestants can prepare for their signature dish. The only rule is, dad doesn't have to do the dishes when it's done.

Don't feel like baking and have older kids? Take it outside and try a grill off instead!


  1. ingredients for the recipes
  2. good speakers for playing waiting music (sing-a-long?)
  3. timer (smart phone will work)
  4. OFFICIAL JUDGE tag for dad
  5. first place ribbon for winner
  6. set up cooking stations for participants (bring in an extra table if necessary)
  7. Preheat the oven


    1. Tell dad the parameters, including judging criteria
    2. Find dad a comfy place to sit
    3. Put on some tunes
    4. Start the timer and get baking
    5. Present dad with the finished bakes
    6. Dad presents the winner with a ribbon—and then gets to eat the spoils!



Plug in and unplug at the same time

GOOD FOR: Families who prefer to be outside and Dads who like tech and the outdoors

Go on the ultimate mystery afternoon trek and give Geocaching a try this father's day. Geocashing is a hike to a set of coordinates searching for treasure (a cache). Use the GEOCACHING app to find the coordinates of a cache near you and take some small trinkets with you to trade with the cache. Don't forget the sunscreen, bug spray, and snacks of course, too!


  1. smart phone with the app installed
  2. cache identified on the app
  3. hiking gear (shoes, bug spray, sun screen)
  4. picnic gear (food, drinks and blanket)
  5. small trinkets to exchange
  1. Find your perfect cache. There is likely one waiting for you in a nearby park!
  2. Pack for the trek and head out.
  3. Use your smart phone to get close to the coordinates and follow any clues or riddles.
  4. Don't let muggles see you looking (muggles are regular people that don't know about caching)
  5. Open the cache, sign the book, and trade your trinkets for trinkets inside.
  6. Picnic time!



Send dad a cheese picnic (now and every month)

Families who can't be together and/or who love cheese and Dads who are cheesy

For the guy who is the cheesiest person you know (those jokes, am I right?), send the gift of a curated cheese + pairing experience to his door every month. Each box comes with 3 cheeses and 3 pairings, a Spotify playlist, a Curdcast podcast and an info card that all revolve around a different theme. Curdbox is dinner for 2 or snacks for 4-6. Help dad to #StopEatingBoring this year. 


  1. smart phone or computer
  2. curdbox.com


  1. Order a box for dad - order by May 31 to get his first box delivered the week of Father's day!
  2. Click on the link in your confirmation email to print up the gift PDF
  3. Fill out the PDF and send to dad.
  4. Enjoy being dad's favorite!

Whatever you decide to do for the dad's in your life, focus on the joy, build memories, and celebrate what matters and we'll just keep making delicious monthly cheese stories-in-a-box!

Papas and Parmigiano,

Jenn Mason and the curdbox crew

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