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This blog post is brought to you by curdbox, our monthly cheese + pairing subscription service. Want to join our merry band of cheese lovers? Head on over to our subscription page to sign up for your monthly box!

Six months of pairings

I've got 72 reasons for you to subscribe and here are 18 of them!

In our ongoing battle here at curdbox HQ against eating boring, we make sure each and every box brings you 6 new things to try.

Everything Bagel Chevre and Bagel Chips


Each box has three cheeses that even if you had some of them before, chances are that you never had them together in the same "story".  Making the stories is our specialty, as a team, in one way or another we've been telling lots of stories for lots of years and we really and truly appreciate the magic of context. Consider the classic Parmigiano Reggiano.

What are the different stories we could tell with that?

  • Protected Cheeses (some cheese are recipe and regionally protected)
  • Italian Cheeses (it's Italian, so duh.)
  • Hard cheese (fun category of cheese that can be nibbled or drizzled)
  • Dessert Cheeses (Parm and balsamic syrup? Swoon)
  • Grate Cheeses (Things you want to grate and eat)
  • Cow's Milk Cheeses (Mooo)
  • Classic Cheeses (What's more classic than a big wheel of Parm?)

Prairie Breeze and Lush Espresso Nuts


Then, we need to take that context and add interesting pairing to it to finish off the story. We give you three pairings each month and they could be anything from olives and popcorn to pickle chips and garlic rosemary jam. Again it's the story that makes it fun and special...and decidedly NOT BORING.

  • How could we pick the pairings?
  • Similar flavor profile (Sweet, Sour, Spicy, Nutty, Salty, and Umami)
  • Similar Region (Things that grow together go together)
  • Similar Ingredient (Honey, Honey, Honey - our December box for example)
  • Related to an event (like a holiday or a bbq)
  • Who they are made by (All women, Vets, New Entrepreneurs, etc.)

What this means for our subscribers is that you're getting a curdbox that is interesting and different EVERY. MONTH. Whether you eat if for dinner all in one night or nibble throughout the week, you are trying, learning, and enjoying 72 new foods a year. 

The photo at the top is a shot of just a sample of each of the pairings from our first 6 months (a.k.a. the 18 reasons why). Imagine this doubled and then matched with cheese. That my friends is how we help you fight the battle of boring—one curdbox at a time.

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