My FAVE Cheese Bites

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This blog post is brought to you by curdbox, our monthly cheese + pairing subscription service. Want to join our merry band of cheese lovers? Head on over to our subscription page to sign up for your monthly box!

The best part about curdbox is that we truly curate the box so that pretty much every single cheese and pairing plays well together. We want you to explore, mix and match and have fun discovering new flavor combinations, pairing gems and new favorite bites every month. When we are deciding what to include in the box, I imagine myself eating every cheese with every pairing, stacking them on top of eachother, dipping and dunking and sipping my favorite glass of wine in my living room. Here are some of my favorite bites from some of the past curdboxes:

fave cheese + pairing #1

the BITE: Jasper Hill’s Vault 5 Cheddar dipped right into the mini jar of Mike's Hot Honey 

the BOX: December’s Honey, Honey, Honey

This block cheddar is super earthy, salty and begging for a sweet hit of the addictive Mike’s Hot Honey, which finishes with a full heat on your palate leaving you wanting another bite.

fave cheese + pairing #2

the BITE: A nugget of Rupert on top of a RT11 Dill Pickle Chip with French Onion Jam on top

the BOX: January’s The Hills are Alive

The cheese has a smooth texture your teeth sink right into, topped with the savory onion-y bomb from the jam and the loud tangy crunch from the potato chip, stand by as texture and flavor heavens collide.

fave cheese + pairing #3

the BITE: A thick crunchy Spielman’s Sea Salt Bagel Chip, dunked and swirled around in the Vermont Creamery’s St. Albans then topped with the Sidehill Farm Strawberry Rhubarb Jam  

the BOX: February’s BRUNCH

All that is missing from this bite is a bubbly mimosa. The sourdough bagel chip coated with the super creamy cheese with jam spread on top truly tastes like a delectable bite of buttery morning toast and farm fresh jam. (picture sun streaming through window)

- Julianne, lead curdbox cheesemonger

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