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This month, we're celebrating America's Dairyland and home to the Cheeseheads, the great state of Wisconsin! With more dairy farms than any other state, the cheesemakers that hone their craft there are more than deserving of their own feature in our August curdbox. We have three great kinds of cheese and three perfect pairings to go with them from some of the best in the business. If you're reading this, then you love cheese. And if you love cheese, you know Wisconsin is a place to be celebrated!

Canela by Roth Cheese

In the rolling hills of southern Wisconsin, the Roth family has been crafting award-winning cheese for more than 150 years. And when that traditional Wisconsin-style cheesemaking is mixed with classic Spanish flavors, a unique cheese like Canela is born. Named after the Spanish word for “Cinnamon,” this Manchego-style American original is made with fresh Wisconsin dairy milk, then hand-rubbed with a cinnamon and paprika blend for its signature reddish-orange rind and smoky, sweet flavor. Textured in a beautiful basket-weave rind, its sharp, nutty taste is followed by a sweet, mellow finish, with a firm, crystallized interior. This unique blend of textures and flavors creates an award-winning and unforgettable cheese.

Canela from Roth Cheese and Applewood Smoked Crackers from Potter's Crackers

Smoked Gouda from Maple Leaf Cheese

The cheese makers at Maple Leaf, a farmer cooperative in Monroe, have been perfecting the art of cheesemaking for generations. They are one of Green County, Wisconsin’s 12 currently-operating cheese factories, and consistently win awards for their artisan cheeses. Their co-op was established in 1910 by a group of local family farmers to develop a consistent, trustworthy market for their dairy milk. Over 100 years later, it's still owned by local farmers. For their Naturally Smoked Gouda, they start with fresh, creamy Gouda made with local milk from neighboring farms. It is then naturally smoked with applewood to add a deep, almost bacon-like smokiness to its already nutty, smooth flavor. Bacon and cheese? Yes, please!

Smoked Gouda by Maple leaf Cheese and Treat Candied Walnuts from Quince & Apple

Imperial Buck by Deer Creek 

Sheboygan’s Deer Creek Cheese started its cheese-making journey in 2006 and has already become one of the finest cheesemakers in the country. Their philosophy of clean ingredients, a focus on consistency of quality, unique flavor combinations, and a rigorous cheese grading process results in their award-winning cheeses. Their Imperial Buck is a bandage-wrapped cheddar with perfectly complex flavors and impeccable textures. Nutty, buttery, and sweet, its creamy interior is mixed with a crystalline crunch that adds to the unique experience of this truly special treat.

Imperial Buck by Deer Creek Cheese and Pear Preserves with Honey and Ginger by Quince & Apple

Pear Preserves With Honey and Ginger by Quince & Apple

Quince & Apple’s husband and wife owners, Matt and Clare, along with their small team, meticulously create their artisan products for Quince & Apple right in the heart of Madison. Every batch is carefully made with the highest of standards and an incredible amount of care. Peeling, cutting, and preparing all of the seasonal local fruit by hand, then cooking it in pots in small batches, they ensure every product gets the attention it needs. Their Pear Preserves with Honey and Ginger straddles the line between decadence and simplicity. Impeccably balanced and not too sweet, it is the perfect pairing for countless favorites.

Treat Candied Walnuts from Quince & Apple

Also, from Quince and Apple (we like them so much, we included them twice this month!), we have their Treat Candied Walnuts. The earthy flavor of high-quality walnuts, with just the right blend of salty and sweet, makes these an addictive snack and the perfect partner to your favorite meats and cheeses.

Applewood Smoked Crackers by Potter's Crackers

Madison's own Potter's Crackers sources the ingredients for their products from small, sustainable farms, maintaining their commitment to work with local vendors. Nancy Potter and her son Peter started Potter's Crackers in 2006, looking to create the best quality crackers to accompany the famous cheese that their home state produced. For their Applewood Smoked Crackers, they slow smoke their Classic White crackers with wood from organic apple trees, resulting in a rich and unique flavor, perfect for pairing with just about anything on your cheese board.


So that's this month's box! Dedicated to all of the dairy fans of America's DairyLand, we hope you enjoyed our showcase of the great state of Wisconsin.
We'll see you next time!

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