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WELCOME TO THE MOCKTAIL MASHUP CURDBOX! Join us this month as we raise a glass (non-alcoholic, of course!) to the underappreciated mocktail. For this Mocktail Mashup box, we’ve done something extra special and actually created a mocktail recipe with one of our pairings! So come belly up to the bar and enjoy a cheeseboard, and your mocktail too! So let's get shaking and stirring and look at what we have this month.

Canadian Baby Brie by Eiffel Tower

Experience the taste of history with this delectable Brie from Eiffel Tower. Crafted in small batches by this fourth-generation Canadian dairy, it pays a fitting tribute to the beloved French original, whose history dates back to the 8th century. In Canada, where it has been produced since the French colonization, this soft-ripened cow's milk creation is the epitome of perfection and remains a beloved delicacy. Its soft texture and mild flavor create a smooth, buttery, and luscious interior that spreads and melts flawlessly, making it a crowd pleaser for cheese fans throughout the world.

Canadian Baby Brie by Eiffel Tower with the Blackberry Balsamic Ginger Jam from Fat Crow Gourmet

Kaltbach le Crémeux by Emmi

Crafted by Emmi, one of Switzerland's premier cheesemakers and Europe's most innovative dairies, this is made from the milk of grass-fed cows and then aged for up to six months in the Kaltbach Cave, a 22-million-year-old natural clay cavern tucked deep within the Alpine Valley. The cave's unique environment, created by the river that runs through it and its mineral-rich air, imbues the cheese with a distinct flavor profile, featuring notes of caramelized butter and hazelnuts. And, to really gild the lily, the creamy, buttery texture almost melts on the tongue. A truly indulgent taste experience, this is what an Alpine cheese is meant to be.

Kaltbach le Crémeux by Emmi with the Dill Pickle Popcorn from Pine State Popcorn

Smoked Idiazabal DOP 

Named after the village of its origin, Idiazabal cheese is a true culinary work of art with a long and continuing history. Once crafted by skilled shepherds in the idyllic Basque region of Spain, it was preserved by storing it near the chimneys of their mountain huts, where it aged and absorbed the natural smoke. Reminiscent of its cousin, Manchego, it has a dry and crumbly texture with a balance of sweetness and sharpness, with notes of bacon, caramel, and a hint of ripened sheep's milk, making it a cheese lovers’ dream.

Smoked Idiazabal with the Spanish Cocktail Snack mix by Mitica

Spanish Cocktail Snack Mix by Mitica

Mitica, a woman-owned company from Valencia, Spain, delivers a delicious snack experience with its cocktail blend of assorted nuts, crispy beans, and corn. A popular Spanish street food and bar snack, it is a crunchy collection of bite-sized treats infused with some serious flavor, making it the ultimate accompaniment to your cold beverage of choice (this month’s mocktail, perhaps?).

Dill Pickle Popcorn by Pine State Popcorn

North Carolina’s 1in6 Snacks was founded in 2015 by Josh Monahan while he was studying Agriculture and Life Sciences in college, making him the third generation of snack business owners in his family’s history. The company's name is a reference to the statistic that one in six people don't know where their next meal will come from, and a portion of the company's proceeds is given to food banks to help feed those in need. Under the 1in6 Snacks umbrella, Pine State Popcorn was born from the idea that if you start with the absolute best ingredients and an amazing mix of seasonings, you will end up with what could be a favorite new twist on one of America's classic snacks—and we couldn’t agree more!

Blackberry Balsamic Ginger Jam by Fat Crow Gourmet

For last call, we have Fat Crow Gourmet, a small, women-owned business located in the quaint town of Troy, NY. It all began in the brewpub that they once owned, where they started experimenting with unique mustards and sauces. To their surprise, these condiments quickly became a hit with their customers. So much so, that the owners decided to take a leap of faith to fully focus on the production of their delicious, small batch and hand-packed condiments. Their Blackberry Balsamic Ginger Jam embodies the perfect balance of sweet and tart, that we’re sure will become one of your favorites. Plus, we even made it into a mocktail for this month’s box!


And that's this month's box! Dedicated to the mighty mocktail. So, let's all raise our glasses and toast... to CHEESE! We'll see you next time!


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