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The best couple at any dinner table is Salt & Pepper, which is why we were so excited to highlight the relationship in our August curdbox. If you play with the magic of salt, that makes the flavors shine, and balance it with the tiniest bit of cracked black pepper heat, you can find a multitude of match ups.

The cheeses:

Seahive from Beehive Cheese is salt and honey delight. It's a cheddar so it's happy to play with just about everyone but just nibbling on it can help you fine ultimate contentment.

Pawlet from Consider Bardwell Farm is smooth and melty and holds its own with any level of heat. It is beautiful on a grilled cheese with some crunchy grainy mustard and tart apple slices.

Sergeant Pepper from Cypress Grove is filled with layers of flavors. Just when you think you have it figured out, it changes on you. The green curry blends into the harissa that ends with a black pepper bite—POW!

The pairings:

Route 11's Salt and Pepper chips are a secret flavor weapon. Don't believe us? try slipping a couple on your next sandwich and you'll wonder why you don't salt and pepper chip every sammy. (not recommended on PB & J)

Lush Salt and Pepper nuts are an entirely different experience than the chips. They lean to the sweet side of the couple, which is why we liked them for this box. It's surprisingly savory and sweet that mixes up your tastebuds and makes them want more.

And the big surprise in the box was a twist on salt. We're talking Friends in Cheese Jam Co.'s delicious Salted Watermelon Jelly. I'm not sure how many of you have salted your watermelon slices, but I learned about it at camp. It's especially great when you have a less than tasty slice of watermelon on a hot day. The tiniest sprinkle of salt on a fresh slice of watermelon will make the sweetness just pop. This little jar of jeweled jelly is just as magical. It's extremely thick and reminds us of membrillo paste (a favorite spanish pairing made of Quince). We use it the exact same way and pair it with all the cheeses. 

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