Savory Winter | January 2020 curdbox

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We're ringing in 2020 with three cheeses, two umami-ful toppings, and one perfect toast. After the decadence of the December (and our Just Desserts box), we’re leaving sweet and heading in the opposite direction. Welcome to the savory side, we think you’re going to like it here.

First up is Jasper Hill’s Harbison, a cow’s milk cheese from Vermont that won Best American Cheese at the 2018 World Cheese Awards and Best of Show at the 2018 American Cheese Society Judging & Competition. This soft-ripened bloomy (and brainy) cheese is aged 1-2 months, and it’s so soft and creamy that it needs to be wrapped up in spruce bark just to keep itself together. Digging into Harbison is as easy as breaking through the top and eating it with a spoon, but you’d be remiss not to round out that richness with a contrasting condiment (maybe...a mustard?) and a punchy cured meat (might we suggest a salami?) all atop something to give it a little bit of crunch (like a little tiny toast).

Harbison by Jasper Hill and Petits Toasts by Les Trois Petits Cochons

Harbison by Jasper Hill and Petits Toasts by Les Trois Petits Cochons

Our next cheese is Chorherrenkäse, a classic smooth & melty semi-hard cow’s milk cheese in the Austrian tradition. This particularly delicious rendition is from Schärdinger out of Salzburg and is based on a recipe from 1469—why fix what is isn’t broken? Chorherrenkäse is an all-around champ, happily pairing with any of our six flavor profiles (sweet, salty, sour, spicy, nutty, umami). It’s strong enough to stand on its own, but gentle enough to play nice with others.

Chorherrenkäse & Berreta's Milano salami

Chorherrenkäse by Schärdinger and dry Milano salami by Fratelli Berreta

The final cheese in your box is Agriform’s Trugole. This semi-soft cow’s milk cheese is made in the mountainous region of Asiago, Italy. It has a rich and fruity flavor, and a soft interior due to its rind being washed daily. Like all smooth & melty cheeses, Trugole is versatile: happy to take center stage, or be a team player on a cheese board.

Agriform's Trugole and Fallot's Mustard

Trugole by Agriform and Walnut Dijon mustard by Fallot

As with every month, all of our cheeses were chosen to mix and match with our three pairings. We have a Walnut Dijon mustard from Fallot, an independent, family-owned French moutarderie. This mustard is made with stone ground mustard seeds and walnuts, and while it would be supreme on any of the cheeses this month, it’s also a stellar all-around mustard for your pantry.

Beretta’s Italian salami from the Lombardi region of Italy. Talk about savory, this dry Milano salami is bursting with that mouth-watering umami taste that will heighten all the other savory tastes, too. Blanket it over your cheeses, roll it up to use as a dipper, or unfurl it delicately directly into your mouth—it’s all fair game.

These cheeses and pairings can all ride upon the Petits Toasts, from France’s Les Trois Petits Cochons (The Three Little Pigs). These mild, crispy, mini toasts are shaped just like sliced bread, and add the perfect crunchy foil to these smooth cheeses, making for a divine mini sandwich in each bite. 

So there we have it, three cheeses, three pairings, a whole bunch of potential combinations, and absolutely no way to go wrong. Go on, then, and dig in.

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