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Curdbox is our monthly cheese + pairing subscription service. Want to join our merry band of cheese lovers? Head on over to our Subscription page to sign up for your monthly box!

This month, we filled the box up with sheep’s milk cheeses and some of the best Spanish inspired pairings to jazz up these salty cheeses. Two of the cheeses will teach you a little bit about age, through your tastebuds, and the third is a smooth and creamy compliment. This box may be sheepish, but it's bold and not shy on flavor!

First is a young 4-month Manchego that’s made with a traditional recipe, in a facility that uses modern techniques. Being only 4 months old, this cheese still has a very milky and mild flavor, with lactic sour cream notes. We want this shredded all over a baked potato, ASAP.

The second Manchego is MUCH older, clocking in at 18 months of age. This cheese is made with the same recipe as the first cheese and by the same producer, just aged 14 months longer. We wanted to show you what a difference the aging process can make in a cheese! Can you taste it? This Manchego is deeply nutty, salty, a bit sweet and studded with those crunchy crystals you don’t ever want to stop eating.

Finally, our third sheep’s milk beauty is the Tomme Saint Georges from France. It calls itself a Tomme but breaks from tradition because it is made from sheep’s milk instead of cow’s milk. When you take a bite your teeth sink right in into salty and fruity smoothness—a welcome contrast from the drier, crunchier Manchegos.

Taking a cue from traditional Spanish pairings, we found delicious snackable treats that are just as good on their own as they are with these sheepy cheeses. For drizzling or dunking, we’ve got Patagonian Bee Honey, super sweet and made hive to hand. The Chili Flake Green Olives are slightly spicy, briny and are hard to stop eating. We started stuffing pieces of the Tomme Saint Georges right into the olives at one point. Don’t forget the Shakurbai Almonds, which are slightly sweet and softer than your traditional almond. So don't be shy, dive right in!

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