What's new in 2019?

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Curdbox is our monthly cheese + pairing subscription service. Want to join our merry band of cheese lovers? Head on over to our subscription page to sign up for your monthly box!

It was a great year behind us and it's a big year in front of us

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Last year we packed up curdbox and sent them out to hundreds of cheese-loving homes. You all have been amazing in how you've supported our little business as it grows. In December, Peapod picked up almost 300 boxes for their customers to get a special curated experience. 

We definitely had our hands full with all this growth but we love it! And we're getting ready for big things in 2019!

Our 8th monthly box goes out Feb 20th and we're busy planning an entire year of tasty treats. We're in super growth mode right now and we're moving fast. We'll be launching a Kickstarter VERY soon and to be successful we're talking with anyone and everyone about curdbox to get them as excited as we are. You can find out more about our kickstarter and why we're doing it here.

Some of you have asked us what will change as we grow. Here is what we know now...

Natalie's arm will not fall off:
We'll be moving our cut/wrap/box/ship to a facility that can handle growth. Poor Natalie (our Assistant Manager/Monger) is responsible for cutting all of our curdbox cheese right now and we're pretty sure her arm would fall off if she had to keep up with our growth.

We're going to ship Nationwide (continental):
We need to get bigger to get the best shipping rates. Perishable shipping can be really expensive but we've been very creative (and scientific) in finding ways to ship inexpensively. Getting bigger means we can start shipping everywhere! (yeah family in Detroit--this one's for you!)

We're going to add more boxes:
As we grow, we'll be able to add more subscription options. Once we get to 1000 monthly subscribers we'll start adding curdbox options like "Luxe", "Double the Cheese", "Adventurous", and "Allergen-Friendly."

Every box will get shipped:
Once we move to our new facility, we'll need to ship all of our boxes which means no more pickups in store. This is the saddest part of the growth for us, but we take good care of our local customers so we know they'll still love coming to us for their everyday cheese needs. We'll also help out with the shipping for a while for our pickup subscribers—we've got your back.

The price will likely go up:
We're punching numbers and looking for the best ways to price this and get really great cheeses in every month. We've had to say no to a few great cheeses because of the price point but raising the price a little will help us keep the quality high and cover the costs of fulfillment and more amazing cheese. Again, we will help out our current subscribers for a while as our thanks to you for jumping in at the beginning.

Your friends will think you're cool:
More and more people will hear about curdbox and you'll be able to tell them you were an early adopter. This may not impress your great aunt, but the guy next door will be impressed.

Getting more of what you love:
Ideally we will be able to offer a limited quantity of full size versions of what's in the box after the curdboxes go out. You like that mini Jam? You can get a full size. Even at our store we just couldn't bring in every product that we had in our curdboxes. Now you'll be able to get it!

All in all, we're really excited and we appreciated all you've done to help us get to this point. In the famous words of Food Network's Chef Michele Ragussis:

we are the "BEST BOX EVER"

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

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