Give curdbox as a gift

Do you think curdbox would be the perfect gift for a cheese lover in your life? Call us biased, but we think it would, too! Each curdbox is totally unique, with a brand new theme every month that tells a story. I mean, just look at our past boxes—how could this not bring a smile to someone's face! 

On this page, we'll walk you through how to buy a gift subscription, as well as include the answers to some frequently asked questions about giving a curdbox subscription. If you can't find what you're looking for here, email us at and we'll help you out!

The May 2021 California Dreamin' curdbox

How to buy curdbox as a gift

You can give both curdbox and our curdboxFLEX (our vegetarian, gluten-free, and nut-free version) as gift subscriptions, which means the subscription is non-renewing and automatically cancels after your last box.

  1. Select your subscription: Head on over to the product page for curdbox or curdboxFLEX and select a 3- or 6-month gift subscription (for curdbox, we also have a 12-month gift subscription). Click the "Buy" button and that will take you to our checkout page. 
  2. Double-check the item: If you look at the Order Summary on the checkout page, it will have the number of shipments in the order, and if you selected a Gift subscription, it will say "Your subscription will last for __ shipments" (the renewing subscriptions say "This charge will recur after the last shipment".) 
  3. Enter in your email address: First, fill in your email address—we can change this later, but this is where the initial order confirmation will go so you probably want that to go to your own email. 
  4. Enter the Shipping Address: Then fill in the Shipping Address—this is your giftee's address. Please enter in the correct address and double-check it on the order confirmation email. As per our Terms and Conditions, we are not liable for boxes that are sent to incorrectly-entered addresses. After you click continue, the Order Summary box will update with the shipping charges added (depending on which zone you're in, the shipping rate is either $10 or $15 a box). 
  5. Enter in your payment details: Under Billing & Payment, enter in your credit card information.
  6. Enter in your Billing Address: Select "Use a Different Billing Address" and put in your billing address.
  7. Buy your gift! Click the "Place My Order" button and voilà, your gift subscription has been ordered!  
  8. Double-check your order confirmation email: Please go to your email and read through the order confirmation email, there's a lot of helpful info in there! And please, please scroll to the bottom of the email and double-check that you got the Shipping Address correct. If you need to make any changes at all, email us at and we'll fix it! 
  9. Send your giftees a gift card: Fill out one of the gift cards for curdbox or curdboxFLEX and send along to your giftee so they know that cheese is coming their way.

    And that's it! Read on for more helpful info, and possibly some answers to questions that you may have had yourself.

    FAQs about giving curdbox as a gift

    Here are some FAQs specifically about giving curdbox as a gift. You can access our full suite of FAQs here.

    The Element of Surprise

    Changing it Up

    How do I keep my gift a surprise?

    The key to keeping the gift a surprise is entering in your own email address during the checkout process, so that all of the curdbox communications go to you.

    But, we do recommend that you give them a heads-up that something perishable is coming in the mail—we've had cases where the giftees have been a little too surprised, and let's just say, nobody is happy about a curdbox that's left out in the heat for too long. You can fill out our gift card (curdbox version, curdboxFLEX version), which has the shipping dates included, and send it along so they can know to look out for it. You can also always see the shipping dates on our Shipping Info page. After you give the gift, you can email us to switch over the account to their email address, so they'll get all the relevant notifications, including the tracking numbers.

    Which email address should I enter at checkout?

    We recommend you use your own email address to start with so that you get the initial order confirmation. Then after you've given the gift, you can email us and we can switch it over to theirs.

    Can I also add the giftee's email address so they'll get the notifications?

    Unfortunately we currently don't have a way to have your email associated with the purchase but someone else's email to get all the notifications about the subscription—but we're working on it! For now, we recommend you purchase the subscription under your own email address and then email us to switch it over to the giftee's email afterward you've given the gift. You can also just keep the account under your name, but then forward them the relevant communications about their boxes.

    Is there a gift card I can give to my giftee?

    You bet! Check our our two gift cards here:

    I just bought a subscription but now I need to move the start month. Help?

    Hey, it happens! Just shoot us a quick email at with your request and we'll get it sorted.

    Can I give a gift every other month?

    Yes you absolutely can! You can skip as many months as you want in your subscription so you can suit it to your schedule. For example, if you buy a 3-month gift but go into your account (or email us) and skip every other month, then your 3-month gift can be stretched into 6 months. A 6-month gift can be stretched into a year, and so on. If you need help orchestrating this, just email us at and we'll help you out!


    And that's what you need to know! So head on over to our subscription page for curdbox or curdboxFLEX and start sending a monthly box of happiness to someone you love. You, or your giftee, can email us for help anytime at Happy cheesin'!