Give curdbox as a gift

aka, How to Give the Gift That Keeps on Giving

On this page we walk you through how to buy curdbox as a gift—there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure it all goes smoothly!

Choose the Right Subscription (the one that doesn't charge you again)

First some lingo: our "gift" subscriptions are the ones that are non-renewing and will automatically cancel after the last box.

Curdbox has renewing options as well as gift options, which means they charge you again after the period is over until you cancel. Make sure you choose the "gift" option!

Choose Your Email Wisely

This is a very important point because we can only collect one email address at checkout, which comes with some limitations.

The most important thing to know is: if you're giving more than one subscription and you want your giftees to have control of their own account, make sure to buy each gift subscription under separate email addresses!

If you buy several subscriptions under one email address, we aren't able to split them up into different accounts after they've been purchased—they need to be bought under separate emails so that the subscriptions are in separate the accounts from the beginning.  We know, it's annoying, and we wish it weren't so! But our subscription software doesn't allow us to split subscriptions.

You can of course just put in your giftee's email address from the start, but this means they'll get the order confirmation email, and often can ruin what many people try to keep as a surprise. 

If you think to yourself "but I only have one email address!" We have some ideas for you:

  1. For those with gmail addresses: You can put a period anywhere in the username part of the email and gmail sees it as the same but Shopify will see it as different (so, for example, thebigcheese and the.big.cheese register the same to gmail but different to Shopify).
  2. For non-gmail addresses: Many other mail clients may also allow you to add a "+" and then a suffix to your email address with the same effect as gmail, so for example, we use Outlook and will go to the same place as Check your mail client to see if you're able to do the same.
  3. Last resort: If you are out of ideas, get in touch with us at and we can help you out.

If you're giving just one subscription, we can change the curdbox account email over to your giftee's at any point after purchase.

Please, please, please enter the correct shipping address

The shipping address is your giftee's address. Please enter in the correct address and double-check it on the order confirmation email. As per our Terms and Conditions, we are not liable for boxes that are sent to incorrectly-entered addresses. 

The system automatically selects that shipping and billing addresses are the same, but you can select "Use a Different Billing Address" and put in your billing address there.

Double-check your order confirmation email

Please go to your email and read through the order confirmation email, there's a lot of helpful info in there! And please, please scroll to the bottom of the email and double-check that you got the Shipping Address correct. If you need to make any changes at all, email us at and we'll fix it! 

Please, please, please let your giftee know it's coming

We love surprises too, but not the kind of surprise where it's a box full of rotting cheese on your doorstep because you were on vacation and didn't know it was coming. As per our Terms and Conditions, we are not liable for boxes that are not collected because the giftee was not informed it was coming. We have a pdf gift card you can download and send along.

The upcoming shipping dates are listing on our Shipping Info page

      And that's it! Read on for more helpful info, and possibly some answers to questions that you may have had yourself.