Thanks for making this cheesy purchase!

Before you go—please read through this page! 

The Basics

  • Your subscription will start with next month's box.
  • All the details are in the order confirmation email.
  • PLEASE read through your order confirmation email to make sure you know when your box ships, as well as to double-check the shipping address!

Sending curdbox as a gift? 

You can read our Gift FAQ here! And, download one of our gift cards, fill them out, and pass along to your gift recipient so that they know they have cheese on the way

You can always see the upcoming shipping dates on our Shipping Info page.

Your Account (Set it up! Set it up now!) 

You can make changes to your subscription anytime, including canceling, skipping a month, etc. But you can’t do any of that if you haven’t set up your account—set up your account here!

Already have an account? You can manage your subscription here.

What to Expect

OK here's the deal: there are four main events in a monthly curdbox cycle*, each with a designated email.

  • The Renewal Reminder email: This arrives on the 20th of the month, and reminds you that your order for the next month's box is going to process soon. When this comes, it means this is the time to log in and skip, cancel, or change the address (for monthly subscribers only) before the order goes through. 
  • The Order Confirmation email: This arrives 24th of the month, and is the confirmation that your order for the next month's box has gone through. After you get that order confirmation email, you have to email us at to make any changes to the order (skipping or changing the address). 
  • The Saturday before ship day - The Shipping Soon email: You'll get a reminder that your curdbox is shipping on Tuesday. This is the super-duper last call if you need to redirect the order. (See all ship dates for curdbox here).
  • The Tuesday of ship day - The Tracking Info Email: You'll get an email with the tracking number. Once the boxes are out, they can't be rerouted. (See all ship dates here.)

*For the initial order in a subscription, you just get the Saturday reminder and the tracking info email, and then the month after that you'll start getting the renewal reminder and order confirmation emails.

And that's it! All you need to do now is sit back, relax, and let the cheese come to you.


Got questions? Or just need reassurance? Help is just an email away at 


restin' easy and cheesy,

the curdbox crew