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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, this month most people have family on the mind. And so do we! That’s why we’re bringing you our All in the Family box, in which all of the companies featured have been founded by family members. They bring age-old family recipes, traditions, and values to their production of everything we’ve selected for you this month.

Ewenique by Central Coast Creamery

Reggie and Kellie Jones, the husband-and-wife team of California’s Central Coast Creamery, use a revamped version of Reggie’s original family recipe from Holland to make this Gouda-like, sheep’s milk cheese. The former high school sweethearts, left their careers to pursue their dreams of cheesemaking to start their own company in Paso Robles, amongst the burgeoning wine region and the other artisan fine food craftsmen from that area. Semi-firm, and slightly crumbly, this wonderful cheese has a bright white, smooth interior with a complex flavor of sweet, salted caramel, fresh vanilla cream, and a hint of spiced tea.

 Ewenique from Central Coast Creamery and the Vegan Cheese Pops by Ashapops

Marieke Gouda 1000 Day Reserve by Marieke Gouda

Before moving to Wisconsin to start their adventure in cheesemaking, Marieke Penterman and her husband Rolf were born and raised in the Netherlands, each with a long history in small-scale dairy farming. They took their experience, and love of cheese, and emigrated to America to establish their dairy farm and cheesemaking operation, Mariekegouda, winning a gold medal for their cheese only 4 months after making their very first batch. Made using traditional old-world techniques, this special Dutch Gouda is aged for 1000 days, creating a premium, sharp, tangy flavor with a nutty finish and a crystallized texture. You can taste the history, care, and perfection of their craft in every bite.

Mariekegouda's 1000 Day Reserve and the Cranberry Jalapeño Compote by Janet's Finest 

Womanchego from Cato Corner Farm

The Mother-and-Son founders of Connecticut’s Cato Corner Farm, Liz MacAlister, and Marc Gillman have been in business together for over twenty years. With Liz caring for the cows, managing the farmers’ market sales, and Mark overseeing the cheesemaking, their focus on the importance of keeping a healthy herd results in a high-quality cheese made from the milk from their own farm, highlighting the flavors of their pasture. Inspired by the classic Spanish sheep milk cheese Manchego, their cow’s milk version is smooth, mild, and sweet, with touches of fruit, nuts, and fresh grass.

Womanchego from Cato Corner Farm with the Salami Whips from Piller's

Salami Whips by Piller's

What began as a small butcher shop in Ontario, Canada, in 1957, the three Huber Brothers started Piller’s Meats using family recipes and techniques passed down through generations and began producing their European-style, delectable, hardwood-smoked meats that their company became widely known for. To this day, and through five generations, those methods that had customers lining up outside of their butcher shop over sixty years ago, are still being used. Subtly spicy, and wonderfully savory, their Salami Whips carry the taste of the old world and time-honored family heritage.

Cranberry Jalapeño Compote from Janet's Finest

Starting on her small Minnesota family farm over 20 years ago, Janet Amel, founder of Janet’s Finest Compotes, set out to expand her hobby of preserving to create products with truly unique flavors using all-natural, local ingredients. Inspired by her love of farming and bringing people together with food, she quickly mastered her craft and gained a following throughout the local markets. By the time she retired in 2018, her compotes were being carried by over 500 stores, and she handed the reigns over to her two Daughters Jessica and Angela, who left their careers to take over and expand the family business. Their Cranberry Jalapeño Compote has the cozy, familiar aroma of autumn, with a subtle kick of spice, for a truly unique topping.

Vegan Cheese Pops by Ashapops

California’s Ashapops began with Asha’s attempts at finding healthier alternatives for snacks for her family and friends. Eventually, she thought about the Popped Water Lily Seeds that she enjoyed as a child back in India, and realized that was exactly what she had been looking for. After getting positive feedback and constant requests for more from her family, she knew she was on to something special, and started the business with her Son Jai. Cheesy-tasting, but without the cheese, this delicious plant-based puffed superfood has a light and addictively-crunchy texture, that is a superb alternative to popcorn or chips. Try something new. You just might love it.


So that's this month's box! Always remember, family comes first. But a close second. We'll see you next time!


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