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This month we’re celebrating Oktoberfest, the famous German two-week festival known for its beer halls, music, food, and fun. This staple of Bavarian heritage has spread worldwide, with many countries combining Oktoberfest traditions with their own local cultures, all while maintaining the German sense of
gemütlichkeit, the feeling of warmth, friendliness, and good cheer. We also wanted to get in on the fun, so we hope you enjoy this Oktoberfest box! 

Smoked Gruyere by Ammerländer

First up in our Oktoberfest feast comes to us from one of Germany’s first dairy cooperatives, Ammerländer from the North German Plains, which are famous for their expansive and lush grazing meadows. Founded in 1885, the farmers focused on crafting products that were higher in quality than what was required by law at that time. Today, they have grown to be one of the largest and most modern dairy cooperatives in Europe. They also remain exclusively farmer-run, firmly guided by age-old tradition and the dedication to those same high standards they’ve maintained for over a hundred years. Their Smoked Gruyere is just one example of their high-quality Alpine-style cheeses. It’s nutty, salty, savory, and smooth, with a deep smokiness that heightens its flavor and adds to its character. We think of this one as playing the part of “smoked meat” for this Oktoberfest celebration.

Smoked Gruyere from Ammerländer and the Yellow Mustard Pretzels by Pop Daddy Snacks

Butterkäse by Ammerländer

We’re such big fans of Ammerländer, we decided to feature them twice this month by including their ever-so-creamy Butterkäse. A German staple, its name is literally translated as "butter cheese," and with its golden rind, delicate buttery flavor, and high-fat content, we can see why—but it is completely butter-free! It’s only aged for only a brief period, which keeps its texture semi-soft and smooth. With a delicately mild but balanced flavor, it is an exceptionally versatile and welcoming cheese making it a big hit for any cheeseboard, sandwich, or snack. For this box, we love the richness it brings to every combination of pairings (and beer!)

Butterkäse from Ammerländer with the Beer:30 Garlic Spread by Georgia Jams

Paulus Abbey Beer Cheese from Daily Dairy Holland

Lastly, from Holland’s Daily Dairy, we have what could be considered the perfect food for Oktoberfest, The Paulus Abbey Beer Cheese—where the beer is just in the cheese itself. It’s named after a monastery in The Netherlands where Benedictine monks brewed a well-loved beer with water from the canals that ran through the city and shared it with the people throughout the city. The monastery burned down in 1580, but their famous beer recipe was saved, and some enterprising brewers decided to resurrect this long-loved-and-lost beer. The beer in this cheese is the very same from that last lost recipe. It’s added to a truly classic Dutch gouda with an authentic recipe from the city of Gouda, using only the best Dutch dairy milk. Combining the bold flavor and gentle saltiness of a well-matured Gouda with the fresh, slightly bitter fruitiness and aromatic hops of beer, these two much-loved elements of Oktoberfest are combined to produce a unique cheese worthy of a celebration.

Paulus Abbey Beer Cheese by Daily Dairy Holland and the Coffee Stout Brittle from
Bruce Julian Heritage Foods

Beer:30 Garlic Spread from Georgia Jams

Founded in Georgia by classically-trained pastry chef Lori Bean, Georgia Jams started as a hobby using her great-grandmother’s old canning recipes and tools. After a lot of trial and error, she started selling her jams and spreads at the local farmers’ markets and specialty shops, eventually turning it into her full-time job and growing the company to what it is today. Lori creates her jams and spreads in small batches, using only fresh, local ingredients and adding only the minimal amount of sugar needed, which allows the natural flavors of the ingredients to shine. Her Beer:30 spread is a savory, aromatic, jelly, with a dose of Yuengling brand beer and a punch of garlic that will have your taste buds dizzy with delight. 

Yellow Mustard Pretzels by Pop Daddy Snacks

What would Oktoberfest be without pretzels? You may think pretzels as the ideal bar snack, but in fact, German monks considered them to represent the Holy Trinity and used to wear pretzels on a string around their necks, keeping them close to their hearts. To this day, the pretzel necklace is still a staple of the Oktoberfest celebration and beer festivals worldwide. Now, you aren’t able to wear these Yellow Mustard Pretzels from Michigan’s Pop Daddy Snacks, but you can definitely eat them. And you should. Crunchy and delicious, these addictive snacks have the familiar toasty, salty taste of pretzels combined with the spicy zing of yellow mustard, and go perfectly with a beer or obviously, some cheese.

Coffee Stout Brittle from Bruce Julian Heritage Foods

We wrap up our Oktoberfest celebration this month with another special combination of flavors, coming from North Carolina’s own Bruce Julian Heritage Foods. The classy and colorful haberdasher (and Bloody Mary master) Bruce Julian has not only become known for his clothing store, or his renowned antique toy collection, but for his cleverly crafted food products as well. Blending some interesting additions into some of his classic Southern-food favorites, his creations are as unique as the man himself. His addictively tasty Coffee Stout Brittle is a combination of a traditional Southern-style peanut brittle with the added flavor of a rich, coffee stout. Sweet, salty, savory, and crunchy, this one ticks all the boxes of a spectacular snack. And in a beer can, to boot! Be careful you don’t chug this down all in one gulp.

So that’s this month's box! Thank you for joining us for some of the classic flavors of Oktoberfest, as well as some of the more unique ones. With its tradition of good food, good fun, and good times, it is a truly special celebration. We'll see you next time!


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