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Do to what is now everyone’s least favorite virus, brunch at a restaurant is off the table (so to speak) for at least the time being, but that doesn’t mean you can’t whip up a decadent spread at home. In our (admittedly biased) opinion, no brunch is complete without something cheesy and something sweet. And, wouldn’t you know it, this this month’s box ticks both those boxes, giving you (almost) everything you need to recreate those leisurely brunches from the pre-pandemic world. Just add a mimosa (or two), and voilà, Brunch at Home.

Let’s start at the beginning, with one of the brunch basics: your cheese. First up, we have Prästost by Norrmejerier. Literally translating to “priest’s cheese”, this semi-soft cow’s cheese out of Northern Sweden used to be accepted as tithing (hence the name); now, it’s accepted as just a darn good cheese. Prästost is aged one year and is kind of like a Swedish cheddar, with a creamy texture and strong, rich flavor. As a friendly & flexible cheese, it goes with pretty much anything, and would be ace as the starring role in a breakfast sandwich. Or, you can go the salty-sweet route and add just a sheen of this month’s Noble Tonic maple syrup.

Our second cheese, Tomme Noire des Pyrénées by Onetik, is from the Basque region and aged a minimum of 21 days before being covered in its signature black wax rind. Like Prästost, this is also a friendly & flexible cow’s cheese, with a soft, creamy texture, and a taste that's mild and with a slight yogurty lactic tang. Its already supple paste melts beautifully, making it ideal to bring the different components of a dish together under one soft and melty umbrella. Try it with the Almondina cookies—soft and crisp, sweet and savory, nutty and buttery—what’s not to like?

Our final cheese in this month’s box is the Cranberry Cinnamon Chèvre by Montchevre in none other than the capital of American cheese: Wisconsin. Goat cheese falls into the bright & fresh category, which pairs well with both sweet and salty foods—perfect for brunch! For this particular rendition, Montchevre rolls their goat logs over a bed of dried sweetened cranberry laced with cinnamon. The result has all the versatility of plain goat cheese (on a sandwich, in a salad, with dessert), but with even more pizzazz: a shimmer of sugar, a bit of bitter, a smidge of sour, and a scent of cinnamon. Try it with this month’s Honey Heaven Roasted seeds to add a of nudge of nuttiness and a hint of honey to add to this alliterative illustration.

So, it’s brunch, which means you gotta have maple syrup, to which we say—we got you! In fact, not only do you get a bottle of the real deal (we New Englanders over here at Curdbox wouldn’t have it any other way), you get a bottle of Noble Tonic 01 from Mikuni Wild Harvest. This boutique producer from Washington state crossed international borders just to source the best stuff—Québeçois maple syrup is matured in American oak barrels and mixed with a splash of small-batch bourbon. The dark, complexly sweet notes of the maple are perfumed with oaky spice and linger on the tongue, all the while the bourbon is giving a boozy wink. This stuff is basically liquid gold, so we say: gild your cheese, your yogurt, your coffee, your cocktails! But whatever you do, don’t waste a drop.

Next up are the Honey Heaven Roasted Seeds from Top Seedz. Founder (and Top Seed herself) Rebecca Brady got deep into from-scratch cooking when living abroad with her family. When her own little seeds had grown, she decided to turn her hobby into a business. Now, Top Seedz puts out crackers and roasted seeds that are a perfectly balanced snack that's like the best parts of a granola. In her Honey Heaven box, sunflower and pumpkin seeds are glossed with honey and olive oil before being roasted to a glowing bronze. Sprinkle these guys over any of the cheeses and enjoy the contrasting textures and complementary aromas. Or, mix with granola and top with a drizzle of the Noble Tonic—with seeds like these, you can’t go wrong.

Our final pairing is the the Original Almondina almond cookie—but don’t get the wrong idea, this cookie is just slightly sweet, making it welcome at any time of day or meal (like a biscotti). It’s nutty and crisp, with bursts of jammy raisins sprinkled throughout. This recipe was the signature of the founder’s grandmother, who kept it secret before revealing it when she was near the end of her life, and we’re glad she did. Now, we can all enjoy the perfect cookie to eat with coffee or tea, to pair with cheese, to crumble over granola, or to round off a meal.

So there you have it, your brunch starter pack. You can keep it simple, picnic style, or whip up your old brunch favorites showcasing these cheeses and pairings. Whatever you do, make sure to kick back, relax, and enjoy your Brunch at Home.


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