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Welcome to our Fall into Cheese November curdbox! This month we are celebrating the wonderful season of fall (one of the BEST cheese eating seasons). For us, Autumn usually evokes images of red and golden leaves falling, flannels, and crisp nights with big glasses of red wine. We first wanted to bring you three fall-happy cheeses that will have you hunkering down with a friend or a loved one to nosh in front of the fire.

First up is Marieke Golden Gouda, which has a texture like no other. The creamy, soft texture of this raw milk golden gouda will not only make you smile but its nuttiness makes it the ideal cheese for any of the combinations of all of the pairings you could think of in this box!

Since it is the time of year where things start to get a bit chilly, we wanted to throw in something that you could eat the way it is or heat up into melty deliciousness. Raclette Fermier made by Joseph Paccard tastes like the hay and flowers where the herd of cows graze in the Alps. This cheese is normally thought of as ideal for melting over herb roasted potatoes. But we have found that snacking on raclette is just as enjoyable, especially with some fun pairings alongside.

We saved the richest for last with the Kaltbach le Cremeux. This cheese is a traditional Swiss ‚ÄúRahmk√§se‚ÄĚ which means ‚Äúcream cheese‚ÄĚ because there is luscious swiss cream added to the cheese. This makes the cheese so soft and smooth is essentially melts in your mouth. It has a rich, custardy texture almost like an egg yolk that is unmatched by any other cheese we‚Äôve had.

The pairings for this box are IDEAL for any and all cheese eating with a little autumnal twist. The crispy, crunchy pumpkin seeds are also bathed in maple syrup making them sweet and salty. The everything crackers take flavors to the next level with 5 flours, 6 seeds, fresh onion juice and freshly roasted garlic all cooked into these bad boys. And we could never leave out our best selling bacon jam. One whiff of this and you’ll be be transported to bacon cooking on the stove on a Sunday morning. It is sweet and spicy with the addition of black peppercorns, we recommend dipping the cheeses right into this little jar!


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