Vampire Repellent | October curdbox

As you know we always like to have a little fun with our curdboxes…. So with Halloween coming up we decided October’s curdbox needed a dual purpose, to ward off those pesky vampires and to blow your mind with some garlic driven cheese pairings. So open up your box, get the Spotify playlist going and relax....we've got you covered.

The cheeses in this box were specifically chosen to remind you of garlic, pair well with it and make you think of halloween, like our first cheese, Prairie Sunset by Emmi Roth. This gouda style cheese is named after a beautiful Wisconsin sunset due to its bright orange color which to us just screams October, pumpkins, fall and Halloween.

Next is the Roth Reserve, another Wisconsin native but made in an alpine style. It is firm, smooth, brothy and tastes like caramelized onions.

We had to throw some garlic in your cheese, right?! The Vampire Slayer cheddar is the last cheese in the box, it is a buttery young cheddar with fresh garlic and herbs mixed right in.  

We had a lot of fun with the pairings for these cheeses because we got to use some of our favorite little nibbles. Bright green basil & garlic olives, crunchy and spicy garlic roasted almonds and even some seasoned pretzels! There are so many flavors in this box you could mix and match cheeses and pairings for hours.- Plus, you know you’ll be safe from all of those vampires.




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