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In the heart of the Northeast, where the turbulent dance of Nor'easter storms paints the landscape with a wild elegance- a community of dedicated artisans thrives amidst the chaos. Cheesemakers and other culinary craftsmen, bound by a shared love for their craft, navigate the unpredictable weather with a tenacity reflective of the flavors they coax from their creations. Against the backdrop of swirling snowflakes and gusty winds, these Northeastern artists turn adversity into inspiration, weaving together delicacies that embody both the untamed spirit of the storms with the rich tapestry of their region's culinary heritage. In this unique blend of nature's fury and culinary finesse, a story unfolds—one of resilience, creativity, and the unwavering spirit of those who find beauty in the storm. So, let’s take a look at this month’s box...

Reading by Spring Brook Farm

Nestled in the picturesque town of Reading, Vermont, the Reading Cheese by Spring Brook Farm embodies the essence of traditional Alpine-style cheesemaking. Named after its charming hometown, this semi-soft, Raclette-style cheese pays homage to the French Alps, where its roots trace back to time-honored methods. Aged for an average of three months, Reading boasts a creamy texture that strikes a harmonious balance with its nutty and grassy undertones. This versatile cheese matures into a semi-soft delight, perfect for melting, yet it holds a complexity that allows it to stand confidently on any cheese plate. Beyond its culinary expertise, Spring Brook Farm also leads the Farms for City Kids Foundation—a nonprofit organization dedicated to give city kids the opportunity to immerse themselves in farm life, gaining valuable insights into agriculture and connecting them with the roots of their food sources.

Reading by Spring Hill Farm with the Acadia Trail Mix from Lucy's Granola

Alpha Tolman from Jasper Hill Farm

Also from Vermont, Jasper Hill Farm's Alpha Tolman pays homage to both a philanthropic dairy farmer who built the Greensboro library in 1900, as well as the artful mastery of Northeast cheese-making. With a robust and distinct character, this cheese strikes a perfect balance of tastes and textures. Its bold and distinctive flavor profile is a testament to the farm's commitment to excellence, offering a harmonious marriage of techniques that creates a memorable cheese experience. Inspired by Alpine cheeses like Appenzeller- Alpha Tolman boasts a firm, yet supple texture, and an authentic, earthy depth, with notes of brown butter and nuts. An ideal choice for those seeking a memorable and authentic cheese experience.


Alpha Tolman by Jasper Hill and the Cranberry Medly and Maple Jam by Blake Hill


Great Hill Blue by Great Hill Dairy

On the shores of Buzzard’s Bay, 50 miles south of Boston- Great Hill Dairy in Marion, Massachusetts, is a haven of dairy excellence. Renowned for its prized Acacia and Orchid collections and an exceptional herd of Guernsey cows, the farm has found its niche in crafting exceptional blue cheese. Housed in a turn-of-the-century barn, the Great Hill Blue cheese is a unique creation made with raw, non-homogenized milk, setting it apart from typical blue cheese varieties. Founded in 1997 by Tim Stone on his family's historic dairy, Great Hill Dairy became a beacon of innovation, utilizing the milk from local farms to create a unique and exceptional blue cheese. Stone's unique recipe set the Great Hill Blue apart, swiftly earning it recognition as one of America's premier blue cheeses, and a testament to the farm's enduring legacy.

The Great Hill Blue from Great Hill Dairy with the Mighty Ginger Snaps from Lark Fine Foods.

And here are the pairings that go along with these amazing cheeses…

Acadia Trail Mix from Lucy's Granola 

Lucy’s Granola presents the delightful Acadia Trail Mix—a symphony of flavors that caters to all tastes. This unique blend features chocolate-covered raisins, sundrops, nuts, dried blueberries, strawberries, and more- ensuring a treat for every palate. Hand-crafted in a sunlit kitchen, Lucy's Granola defies convention with a lighter and less sweet profile than typical commercial brands. Inspired by the diverse landscapes of the Acadia National Park, it skillfully blends flavors and textures to redefine the trail mix experience, taking your taste buds on a journey through the unique and harmonious culinary offerings of Maine.

Mighty Ginger Snaps by Lark Fine Foods

Founded in historic Essex, Lark Fine Foods embraces a hands-on approach, baking, packing, and shipping their premium creations daily from their boutique facility. The Mighty Ginger Snaps, a dream come true for ginger enthusiasts, boast a crispy and zesty texture with a warm finish—a testament to the company's commitment to using only the finest, natural ingredients, free of preservatives and food colorings. As creators of “Cookies for Grown-Ups”, Lark Fine Foods has redefined the gourmet cookie experience, capturing the essence of ginger in its purest form. In each bite of the Mighty Ginger Snaps, the dedication to quality and the creative spirit of Lark Fine Foods shines through, making these cookies a symbol of Northeast culinary excellence rooted in the heart of Massachusetts

Cranberry Medley Maple Jam by Blake Hill

In the scenic landscape of Vermont, Blake Hill Preserves brings forth a seasonal masterpiece with its Limited Edition Cranberry Medley and Maple Jam. This delightful preserve is a celebration of Vermont's flavors, skillfully combining the tartness of cranberries with a fruity berry sauce and the comfort of winter seasonings. The finishing touch, Vermont maple syrup, adds a layer of sweetness that elevates the overall experience. As a family business rooted in tradition and guided by a commitment to quality, Blake Hill Preserves offers a unique and memorable taste of Vermont's seasonal bounty.


And with that- we wrap up this month’s box.

So, as the stormy skies gather overhead- give thanks to those who continue to chase their passions, even through nature's raw and uncontrolable forces. We’ll see you next month.


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