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As the sun-drenched days of late summer usher in a sense of anticipation, the curtain rises on a new football season, and the age-old ritual of tailgating takes center stage. Amidst the backdrop of the stadium buzz, fans gather in parking lots to create a vibrant carnival of flavors and fandom in a celebration of camaraderie and team spirit.. A symphony of sights, sounds, and aromas- tailgating thrives on the essence of togetherness, woven with the unifying thread of food. Decked out in their team's colors, fans come together to celebrate their shared devotion, with elaborate set ups complete with grills, tents, and games, all while the distant echo of the crowd creates memories that go far beyond the final whistle.
So, with that, let’s “kick-off” this month’s box.

Prarie Sunset by Roth

We've had various cheeses from Wisconsin’s Roth Cheese in some of our previous boxes, and they never disappoint. Named after its founder Oswald Roth, who started the family business in 1863, Roth has been carrying on the tradition of its ancestors for generations, creating specialty and artisan cheeses that originated in their Swiss heritage. Their Prairie Sunset, is best described as a harmonious fusion of cheddar and gouda, and works wonderfully melted on a burger. Its dense, smooth profile welcomes cheese enthusiasts with open arms. The creamy, nutty sweetness of this cheese not only satisfies the palate but also exemplifies the pinnacle of flavor and texture. And its vibrant orange hue, pays homage to the enchanting sunsets of the Midwestern prairie, inspiring its evocative name.

 The Prairie Sunset from Roth with the Moutarde À L'Ancienne by Three Little Pigs

 Smoked Goat Cheese by Chevrelait

Holland's Chevrelait Smoked Goat cheese offers a delightful marriage of creamy goat cheese and rich smoky undertones, resulting in a distinct and flavorful sensation. This cheese expertly balances the creamy, tangy characteristics of goat cheese with the deep, aromatic notes of smokiness, delivering a truly one-of-a-kind tasting experience. With its  brown rind and a pale white interior reminiscent of Dutch Smoked Gouda- this cheese stands out for its intriguing combination of textures and a nuanced flavor profile that is both familiar and unique, making it a must-have on your tailgating menu.

The Smoked Goat Cheese by Chevrelait and the Beer Cheese Pretzels by Pop Daddy

Cambozola by Kasseri Champignon

Meticulously crafted by Kasseri Champignon in Bavaria, Cambozola stands as a decadent masterpiece in the realm of cheese. This Camembert-style delicacy boasts a sumptuously rich, triple-cream Brie-like texture cocooned within a delicate bloomy white rind, concealing beneath its surface alluring streaks of tangy blue. Aptly named for its fusion of Camembert and Gorgonzola, it pleases the palate with a velvety softness that gradually reveals tantalizing bursts of blue flavor that pairs perfectly with Buffalo wings. Cambozola effortlessly strikes a harmonious balance between its mild and bold notes, making it an ideal gateway into the world of blue-style cheeses, ensuring an unforgettable tasting experience. 

Cambozola, by Kasseri Champignon with the Sliced Salame Milano from Beretta

And here are the pairings that go along with these amazing cheeses…

Beer Cheese Pretzels by Pop Daddy

Michigan’s own Pop Daddy is the result of the Sarafa family’s passion for popcorn. After learning about the of the harmful chemicals often found in most microwave popcorn, co-founder Mark Sarafa purchased a large popcorn machine and got to work in his basement, experimenting with different kernels and flavors. His creations quickly became a hit among his friends, family, and neighbors, and after two years of giving away his popcorn for free, Mark's family encouraged him to turn his passion into a full-time business. And so, in 2013, Pop Daddy was officially born. You can’t go wrong with beer and cheese. And Michigan’s Pop Daddy’s pretzels are a delicious blend of real cheese seasoning, and the aromas of a cold Perrin craft brew. Making for a perfect tailgate snack.

Sliced Salame Milano by Beretta

Salami Milano, crafted in the distinctive Northern Italian style, stands as a testament to the Beretta family's enduring commitment to quality across eight generations. What began as Felice and Mario Beretta's butcher and cured meat business in 1920 has evolved into a modern industry deeply rooted in their passion for excellence since 1812. The tradition of producing fine Italian cured meats has transcended borders, exemplified by the acquisition of the first Beretta production unit outside of Italy in South Hackensack, New Jersey, in 1997. Here, the factory specializes in crafting an array of exquisite products, including salami, air-cured pork meat, bacon, mortadella, and air-cured beef. This finely ground pork salami embodies a subtle seasoning derived from expertly blended spices, reflecting the Beretta family's rich heritage and unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional taste and quality.

Motarde a L'Ancienne by Three Little Pigs

And finally-

Three Little Pigs started out as a small deli specializing in charcuterie in Greenwich Village in 1975. Founded by two French chefs who randomly met in Africa while separately traveling the globe, they eventually became friends and, with the help of an American backer, decided to open a charcuterie shop in the heart of New York. Their little shop did quite well and, fast forward almost 50 years, they’re now nationally recognized for their award-winning products. To this day they make their charcuterie and French delicacies in small batches with an unwavering dedication to quality. This old-style mustard, is made naturally, without preservatives. And was hand selected and imported from France by Three Little pigs.


So, whether your team wins or loses- you’ll still have the good times of tailgating with great food and great friends. We’ll see you next month.


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