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Pack your bags and get ready to unleash your taste buds, as we take you on an unforgettable adventure-cation through the heart of Europe, where history, culture, and craftsmanship combine to create an unmatched symphony of experiences. We’ll delve into the rich traditions, flavors, and stories that have shaped Europe's diverse and exquisite culinary history, with each destination offering a tapestry of sights and sensations. We’ll meet passionate artisans, experience a symphony of picturesque landscapes, and indulge in an array of unforgettable feasts. So fasten your seatbelts and prepare to be swept away by the magic of Europe's timeless charms, as we take a look at what's inside this month's box.

Bru-XL Belgian Gouda

The first stop of our journey is in Belgium, where we discover the exceptional taste of Bru XL, a firm cow's milk cheese meticulously created in small batches, then aged for 14 months in the Netherlands. Through this lengthy aging process, the cheese develops a firm yet inviting texture adorned with delicate crunchy crystals, while still allowing its delicate flavors to flourish. You'll encounter the inviting embrace of caramel notes mingling with hints of nuts and butterscotch, delivering a sweet and creamy richness that offers a sensory delight in every bite.

 The Bru-XL Belgian Gouda with the Mestemacher Pumpernickel Bread.

 Classic (18 Month) by Beemster

What kind of European cheese-cation would it be without stopping in for a visit with the cheese masters at Beemster. Their Classic, an 18-month-aged Dutch Gouda, stands as a timeless favorite in Holland. Patiently maturing in their century-old traditional warehouse, its flavors evolve into a delightful symphony over the eighteen-month aging process. With a firm texture and a slight-brown hue, this cheese reveals a flavor medley of slightly sweet, toasted walnuts and luscious hints of brown butter. Its taste epitomizes perfection and captures the essence of Dutch culinary excellence.

The Classic (18-Month) Gouda from Beemster and the Lemon & Rosemary Olives from Oloves.

 Moosbacher by Schärdinger

Next, we find ourselves in upper Austria, in the city of Salzburg- where you’ll find the talented cheesemakers of Schärdinger. These artisans are experienced and dedicated, and with the high-quality milk from local dairy cows, they make some of the best dairy products in the country. Named after one of the farmers who supply the milk for the cheese, it has a flavor that is often described as a cross between a Dutch Gouda and a Gruyère. But what makes it truly unique is that, unlike any other cheese, it is ripened both from the interior and the exterior. Interior-ripened cheeses have bacterial cultures in the interior that create all sorts of different flavors and textures, and some of those bacterial cultures produce gas that results in “Swiss cheese” style holes. Exterior-ripened cheeses (called surface-ripened) have cultures on the exterior rind. Usually, a cheese would be one or the other, but Moosbacher is the only cheese in the world with both large holes on the inside and a surface-ripened exterior. It’s semi-firm and smooth in texture, and sweet and creamy with flavor, with a hint of spice and notes of toasted hazelnuts. It’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Moosbacher from Schärdinger and the Honey Balsamic Dijon Mustard from Edmond Fallot

Let’s make a few more stops to pick up some things to go along with these amazing cheeses…

Pumpernickel Bread by Mestmacher

First, we’ll start with some bread. Mestemacher's Pumpernickel is a renowned culinary treasure originating from Germany. This dark, dense bread has earned a special place in the hearts of food enthusiasts for its unique qualities and traditional preparation methods, including milling their own grains. Mestemacher takes pride in crafting this distinctive bread using a slow, meticulous baking process that spans many hours, resulting in its characteristic deep brown color and rich, complex flavor. The lengthy baking and steam-cooking time contribute to the distinctive dark hue and sturdy texture. This steam, combined with the rye's natural sugars, infuses the bread with a subtle sweetness that balances its earthy, nutty undertones.

Lemon and Rosemary Olives by Oloves

Our next stop is in England, for a visit to Oloves- a notable UK-based company, which offers a delectable twist on traditional Greek olives. Their Lemon and Rosemary Olives showcase the company's commitment to quality and innovation in the realm of snacking, bringing a delightful blend of flavors to wake up your taste buds. Plump and succulent green olives are carefully marinated with zesty lemon and aromatic rosemary, resulting in a harmonious combination that's both refreshing and savory. The infusion of lemon adds a bright and tangy twist, while the rosemary imparts a fragrant herbal note, elevating the overall flavor, and capturing the essence of a Mediterranean escape in each bite.

Honey and Balsamic Dijon Mustard by Edmond Fallot

And finally- what would a European food vacation be without a stop in France! Since 1840, Edmond Fallot has stood as an enduring emblem of independent, family-owned excellence nestled in Burgundy, and over generations, they have mastered the art of crafting traditional French mustards. In their Honey and Balsamic Dijon Mustard, the soft touch of honey and balsamic vinegar gracefully melds with the mustard's zesty kick, resulting in a symphony of flavors that dance together perfectly. The Fallot family's expertise shines through as they expertly balance the robust hints of mustard with the gentle sweetness of honey and balsamic, ensuring no note overpowers the other. The result is a condiment where peppery and honeyed tones unite, orchestrating a truly exquisite taste experience.


And with that- we wrap up our vacation, say our farewells, and head back home to eat more cheese. We’ll see you next month.


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