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Jams. These delightful preserves are the ambassadors of flavor, capturing the essence of nature's bounty in every jar. Each one tells a tale of orchards, sun-soaked fields, and the loving hands that transformed their harvests into something truly magical. Whether it’s a warm piece of toast, a flaky biscuit, or a favorite cheese, they’re all just waiting to be adorned with a dollop of these delicious treasures. So let’s get ready to embark on a jam-packed journey through this month’s box!


Roomkaas Double Cream Gouda by Cheeseland

Cheeseland Incorporated, a Seattle-based family business dedicated to bringing the finest Dutch cheeses to the USA, offers a unique take on the concept of cream cheese with the exceptional Roomkaas. This cheese reveals its true magic when left at room temperature, as its smooth and buttery softness transforms into a luxurious, almost spreadable delight. With the very first bite, the cheese envelops your senses with its luxurious creaminess, releasing the unmistakable sweetness that can only be found in the finest and freshest cream. This Gouda proudly showcases the excellence of Dutch cheesemaking.









The Roomkaas Double Cream Gouda by Cheeseland and the Onion Chutney With Raisins and Honey from Maison Rivière.


Zamarano by Marques del Castillo

Spain’s Marques del Castillo produces this exquisite sheep’s milk cheese that stands out for its robust taste and striking qualities. Similar to a Manchego, it has a flavor that’s a blend of earthy, nutty, and sharp notes that come together in perfect harmony. And within its rugged, basket-woven rind, a dense crumbly interior and firm, granular texture that is formed during the aging process. Every bite reflects the expertise and techniques of these classic Spanish cheesemakers, as well as the rich traditions and flavors of their region.

Zamarano by Marques del Castillo with the Fig Jam by Divina Market


Tomarashi by Point Reyes

Point Reyes cheesemakers in California, a family run company for nearly four generations, have taken their versatile Toma cheese and elevated its flavor to new heights by incorporating a delightful touch of spice. This refined take on a pepperjack incorporates Shichimi Togarashi- a Japanese spice blend that includes chili flakes, chili powder, orange peel, ginger powder, and nori- creating a remarkable fusion of flavors and textures that leave a lasting impression with its complex finish. Tomarashi offers an impressive profile of rich, creamy flavors with a gentle hint of spice, and a supple yet crumbly texture that only adds to its appeal. It’s rich and smooth texture, enhanced by a tantalizing mix of spices that pairs perfectly with the sweetness of a fruit jam. It is a perfect choice for those seeking a unique and flavorful cheese experience.







 Tomarashi by Point Reyes and the Rpasted Garlic Savory Jam by Blake Hill Preserves

Fig Jam by Divina Market

Divina Market's Fig Jam is a testament to the excellence of Mediterranean culinary tradition. The luscious sweetness of ripe figs unfolds in every spoonful, offering a harmonious blend of tangy, fruity nuance with a velvety smooth finish that dances on the tongue. This jam reflects both the artistry of its creators, and the medley of flavors that capture the pure essence of nature's local bounty.

Onion Chutney with Raisins and Honey by Maison Rivière

As you dive into the depths of Maison Riviere's chutney, you'll discover the gentle sweetness of honey harmonizing with the savory richness of caramelized onions. And the addition of plump raisins adds a delightful twist, perfectly complementing the complex profile of layered flavors, showcasing a harmonious fusion of savory and sweet elements.

Roasted Garlic Savory Jam by Blake Hill Preserves

Blake Hill's Roasted Garlic Savory Jam captures the essence of rustic sophistication. Expertly hand crafted, this savory delight showcases a remarkable combination of flavors that will wake your taste buds. Its rich and distinctive profile unfolds with each spoonful, revealing the natural sweetness of roasted garlic that is both comforting and addictive. Every spoonful leaves a lasting impression that speaks to the expertise that creates the authentic flavors of this exquisite jam.


And that’s this month’s box! So, grab some cheese, grab a spoon, and dive into the wonderful world of jams! We’ll see you next time.


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