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Grab your passports, cheese-fans, and g
et ready to embark on a cheese-tastic adventure, that will tantalize your taste buds and transport you to different corners of the globe, because this month, we’re taking a journey to explore cheddar cheeses from around the world! From the quaint countryside dairies to busy urban creameries- cheddar has earned its reputation as a versatile, and beloved choice enjoyed by cheese fans everywhere. So, pack your bags and your appetites, and join us as we delve into the diverse flavors and unique characteristics of these worldly cheddars. 


Australian Cheddar by Murray Bridge

As we embark on our culinary journey, we first touch down in the renowned Murray River Valley, where Murray Bridge's rich Australian cheddar awaits. This delicately flavorful cheese is made from the milk of freely-grazing cows and has a balanced sharpness that is rounded off even more by its creaminess. Aged nine months- it is the youngest cheese on our list, which is evident by its firm, yet still flexible texture.

 The Australian Cheddar by Murray Bridge along with the Orchard Blend by Rind.


Irish Cheddar by Tipperary

After leaving behind the sun-drenched landscapes of Australia, we reach the mesmerizing County Tipperary in Southern Ireland. The journey was long, but the rewards that await are wonderful. Here, nature has created the perfect conditions for crafting a truly great cheddar. With its mild climate and crystal-clear waters, the sprawling pastures seem to go on forever. These fertile lands, and their native grasses, provide an abundant feast for their free-ranging cows to feed on, lending a naturally yellow hue to the cheese. And its year-long aging process creates a comfortably subtle twinge of tang that is carried throughout its smooth, crumbly interior.

The Irish Cheddar by Tipperary and the Crackerthins from Valley Produce Co.


Super Sharp Vintage Canadian Cheddar by Old Quebec

Our next stop is to our Northern neighbors in Canada, for a taste of their Super Sharp Vintage cheddar. The most mature cheese of the bunch, it starts out as flexible, slightly acidic, and buttery sweet. But during its three-year aging process, the proteins and fats gradually break down, intensifying the flavors and drying and firming the texture. This results in a cheese with a crisp, clean, and creamy mouth feel, with a firm, crystalized, sturdy texture. And don’t let the name fool you- even though the flavor is robust, it is perfectly balanced, and welcoming to even the most unadventurous of palates.

The Super Sharp Vintage Canadian Cheddar and the French Green Beans with Lime and Garlic by Poshi

*Crackerthins by Valley Produce Co.

We’re packing our bags and heading back to Australia, to check out the first of this month’s pairings. After hanging up his apron at age 23, renowned chef Christopher Smith founded the Valley Produce Company, which has grown to become one of Australia's most recognized and respected gourmet food companies. Their Crackerthins crackers, have a great, buttery taste with a satisfying crunch, and are delicate, yet strong enough to carry all of your favorite toppings.

(*our information card for July lists this as being the Gluten-Free Potato Crackerthins by Valley Produce Co. But after those were printed- the Gluten-Free Crackerthins were replaced with this version due to availability.)

French Beans with Lime and Garlic by Poshi

It’s back to the states we go, and our next stop is Florida, to check out our second pairing from Poshi. Poshi stands for "Power Of Simple Healthy Ingredients, and they work hard to hold true to that name. Their premium, from nature to table, vegetable bites are simple, convenient, and delicious. Here, their French green beans are steamed, then lightly marinated in Mediterranean oil and seasonings, and finished with a twist of lime and a touch of savory garlic- making for a tasty snack or side dish.

Orchard Blend by Rind

We won’t need our passports for the last pairing of the month, because the final stop on our cheddar adventure is New York, New York. Rind keeps the rinds on their fruit when they dry them, locking in their nutrients and adding another layer of flavor for you to enjoy. This blend combines sweet persimmons, apples, and tangy yellow peaches, giving you your own personal taste of the harvest. Three fruits, three ingredients. It doesn’t get much simpler and more naturally delicious than that.


So, whether you're a well-traveled cheese lover or simply curious about cheddars abroad- join us in our delicious exploration of the artistry and craftsmanship behind this classic, iconic cheese. That’s all for now. We’ll see you next month!


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